Taro Kuriyama

Collected links for ukulele resources, tabs, etc.


Jake Shimnabukuro, While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The "original" 2006 YouTube version that made Jake Shimabukuro world famous.

Ohta-san, Hawaii
A classic by ukulele master, Ohta-san.

George Elmes, Toccata and Fugue
The piece that convinced me to practice soprano (an Ohta-san cover).

Brittni Paiva, Europa
A beautiful cover of the Santana classic.


Ukulele String Comparison Tool
My tool for visual comparison of ukulele string gaugues and tensions across different brands, materials, etc.

Got a Ukulele Reviews
Probably the best uke review site, and maybe also the most comprehensive.

Ukulele Underground Forum
The de facto standard internet forum for the ukulele community. Ukulele Underground also has a paid membership site, with learning resources and live lessons.


The Uke Site
Aka Hawaii Music Supply (HMS) -- the online retailer perhaps the most trusted by the ukulele community.

Mim's Ukes
Famous for the complimentary instrunent set-up provided by Mim. Particularly good selection of well-made, lower-priced instruments (e.g. Ohana).

Strings By Mail
The widest selection of strings in a single site that I've found.

Music / Tabs

Jeremy Choi
Ukulele tabs by Jeremy Choi (YouTube)

Live Ukulele
Ukulele tabs by Brad Bordessa.

The classic tabs by Dominic "Dominator", revived by Brad and hosted on Live Ukulele.

Chief Noda
A nice collection of arrangements by Chief Noda.

Ukulele Review Site Sheet Music
A collection of impressive performances and sheet music from a variety of artists (mostly from HMS videos).

Ukulele Underground: Tabs and Chords
A treasure trove, if you are willing to dig through it.

A variety of artists and educators provide tabs and videos, including: