Taro Kuriyama



Cryptopals, 2017-2018
Solutions to the Cryptopals challenges, as an exercise in learning F# and cryptographic concepts concurrently.

Palindromes II, Winter 2013
A visual representation of a linear-time algorithm for finding the longest palindromic substring.

Palindromes I, Winter 2013
A visualization of a naive algorithm to find the longest palindromic substring within a given string.

Boids, Summer 2013
An implementation of the boids algorithm by Craig Reynolds, which simulates flocking of bird-like objects.

The Healthcare Spread, Summer 2013
A visualization to explore the price differentials observed in the Medicare Provider Charge dataset.

The Great Gatsby, Spring 2013
A representation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby by its characters and common words.

Mortality Rates, Winter 2010
An exploration of the CDC timeseries dataset for mortality rates in the United States.

The Tree of Life, Spring 2009
Undergraduate project to visualize the Eubacteria branch of the Tree of Life using a squarified treemap.

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